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The 100 Best Employers in Canada for 2022

Good business practices should not be left unnoticed.

Instead, they should be celebrated to encourage more companies to follow suit.

This is exactly what Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition aims to achieve.

What is Canada’s Top 100 Employers?

Canada’s Top 100 Employers is a national-level competition that has been in existence for 22 years.

The main purpose of this contest is to determine which employers in Canada are the best in terms of offering outstanding workplace conditions for their employees.

How are the Competitors Selected?

The editors evaluate the candidates for Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

These editors use 8 evaluation criteria that have been used since the start of the project.

These criteria include:

  • Community involvement
  • Training & Skills Development
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Communications
  • Vacation & Time Off
  • Health, Financial, & Family Benefits
  • Work Atmosphere & Social
  • Physical Workplace

Employers are then compared with other organizations that belong in the same field to identify which one has the most forward-thinking and progressive programs.

What is the Reason Behind the Selection?

Why is this a selection for these employers in the first place?

Every year during the fall season, The Globe and Mail will announce the contest winners from the previous year.

The main reason behind the contest is to provide transparency.

At the same time, it aims to raise the bar so that other employers can know and imitate the good practices of the competition winners.

Who is Eligible to Join the Contest?

Suppose you are wondering about what requirement you will need to apply for this contest.

In that case, you will be glad to know that there is only one eligibility requirement and that is for an employer to have its head office be located within Canada.

This means that any employer with a principal place of business in Canada, regardless of whether they are private or public or big or small, can join the national competition.

The Upcoming 2023 Competition

The application for the 2023 competition will be open in the early months of 2022.

The winners for this will be announced in The Globe and Mail fall 2022 issue.

Canada’s Top 100 Employers Competition Winners for 2022

Just like other companies in the world that are suffering from the impact of Covid-19, the winners of Canada’s Top Employers were faced with challenges such as how to stay connected, continuing professional developments, and keeping their culture alive despite the distance.

However, one thing that the 100 winners of the competition have in common is resilience.

Despite the adversities and the roadblocks, these companies made the challenges into opportunities to do better for their clients and, of course, their own people.

Most of them were able to do this by listening to their people and staying by them despite the difficult times.

They also stepped up to become organizations that could withstand adversities which is why they deserve the prestige of being among Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

Among the 100 best employers in Canada for 2022 are:

  • 3M Canada Company (1,867 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Adobe Systems Canada Inc. (308 full-time employers in Canada)
  • BASF Canada Inc. (1,109 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Boston Consulting Group ULC (425 full-time employees)
  • Cisco Systems Canada (2,017 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Freshbooks (404 full-time employees in Canada)
  • GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (2,659 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Kellogg Canada (334 full-time employees in Canada)
  • KPMG LLP (8,467 full-time employees in Canada)
  • L’Oreal Canada Inc. (1,440 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Medtronic Canada ULC (688 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Pfizer Canada ULC (894 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Rogers Communications Inc. (21,066 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (59,098 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Salesforce (1,700 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Shopify Inc. (5,758 full-time employees in Canada)
  • TELUS Communications Inc. (25,014 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Thomson Reuters Canada Limited (1,118 full-time employees in Canada)
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (9,854 full-time employees in Canada)
  • University of Toronto (10,429 full-time employees in Canada)

To see the entire list of 100 best employers in Canada for 2022, click here!

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