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Canadian immigration is driving population growth in Canada.

Immigration Is Driving Rapid Canadian Population Growth

Canada has the most rapid population growth of the G-7 countries.

According to the most recent census data for 2021, Canada’s population is growing faster than any other G-7 country, with Canadian immigration accounting for close to 80% of the country’s population growth.

A record 405,000 people became permanent residents of Canada in 2021 and the goal for 2022 is 431,645 new Canadian permanent residents.

Approximately 58 percent of the people who become Canadian permanent residents are foreign workers and their family members who immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or other Canadian visa programs for economic immigrants.

The top 10 countries of origin with the most new immigrants moving to Canada in recent years are India, China, Philippines, Nigeria, the United States, Pakistan, Syria, Eritrea, South Korea and Iran.

Between 2016 and 2021, the population of Canada increased 5.2 percent, adding 1.8 million residents to reach 36,991,981.

By comparison, the rate of population growth in the other G-7 countries between 2016 and 2021 was as follows: United Kingdom (+2.9 percent); United States (+2.6 percent); France (+1.2 percent); Germany (+1.0 percent); Japan (- 1.3 percent); and Italy (-2.0 percent).

Within Canada, Yukon has the most rapid population growth (+12.1 percent), followed by Prince Edward Island (+8.0 percent); British Columbia (+7.6 percent); Ontario (+5.8 percent); Manitoba (+5.0 percent); Nova Scotia (+5.0 percent); Alberta (4.8 percent); Quebec (+4.1 percent); New Brunswick (+3.8 percent); Saskatchewan (+3.1 percent);  Nunavut (+2.5 percent); whereas the populations decreased in Northwest Territories (-1.7 percent) and Newfoundland & Labrador (-1.8 percent).

The population of Canada’s urban areas grew 6.3 percent between 2016 and 2021, compared with a 0.4 percent increase in the rural regions.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) continued to be Canada’s most populous metropolitan area with 6.2 million people living there, followed by the Montreal metro area with 4.3 million residents; and the Vancouver metro area with a population of 2.6 million people.

Why are more than 400,000 immigrants moving to Canada each year?

Individuals and families are moving to Canada because it has the best quality of life; welcomes immigrants; has close to a million Canadian job openings; makes available  outstanding education programs for the entire family; provides universal healthcare; offers spectacular scenery; gives immigrants the option to start a business; plus Canadian permanent residents can apply to become citizens of Canada after only three years.

There are several Canadian visa programs designed for skilled foreign workers who have good English or French languages skills and satisfy other criteria to become permanent residents of Canada.


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