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Couple of retirees relax at the beach

Canada’s Top Beaches

You can enjoy beautiful beaches while living in Canada.

Canada is recognized not only for its majestic peaks, but also for its beautiful beaches.

Some of Canada’s best beaches are found off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, but others are nestled next to freshwater lakes, surrounded by pine trees.

Here are some of the many scenic seashores you could visit while living in Canada.

San Josef Bay

Northern Vancouver Island is known for its naturally solitary beaches, despite having a reputation for severe storms and difficult access.

The 1.6-mile walk to San Josef Bay begins at the ending of Port Hardy’s 43-mile gravel rural highway.

When the forest eventually gives way, you will find yourself on a barren strand of thundering waves.

With that said, don’t forget to bring your camping gear.

You can set up camp right on the fine sandy beach while admiring the native wildlife, including eagles and kingfishers.

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is an 8.7 mile-long stretch of fine sand that borders Georgian Bay in Ontario.

Hundreds of guests flock to this location every year, which is the closest full-service beach resort to Toronto.

Regardless, the beach is a portion of a nature preserve.

As a result, it is now outfitted with trails where park naturalists can view wild birds.

The beach is also divided into six sections.

Areas one and two are the busiest; five is ideal for families; and six is perfect for those seeking peace.

Grand Beach

Grand Beach is found along Lake Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba and is rated as one of the best Canadian beaches.

This beach is popular with locals and tourists alike, due to its shallow warm water that is pleasant to swim in, wooden boardwalk, convenient concession stands, and the nearby sand dunes.

The beach sand is also golden brown and perfect for building seaside sandcastles.

Kitsilano Beach

One of the top beaches in Vancouver is Kitsilano Beach (“Kits Beach”), which offers a  view of the city’s skyline against the backdrop of the local mountains.

One of the unique attractions is a large salt-water pool that is heated, so even if the ocean is a bit chilly, you can still take a dip in the water.

Whether you enjoy beach volleyball, shooting some hoops on the basketball courts, playing tennis or prefer to relax at a seaside cafe, Kitsilano Beach is a great place to soak up some sun on a nice day.

Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach is by far New Brunswick’s finest stretch of beach.

The beach is soft and the water is shallow and has a genuinely warm feel to it.

During the summer, lifeguards patrol at all times, making it a popular destination for families.

Here, commercialization is kept to a minimum.

When you arrive, you will notice grassy dunes protecting a pristine strip of showers, locker rooms, and poutine-slinging eateries.


Many Canadian beaches offer calm waves, depending on where you are.

With only six of the 13 regions having an ice-free connection to the open sea, many of the country’s most beautiful beaches are bordered by vast freshwater lakes.

So, remember that Canada has thousands of miles of coastline, which means it also has numerous beaches to enjoy!

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