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Scenic Road in Yukon, Canada

One of Canada’s Most Difficult Roads Offers Scenery and Serenity

Dempster Highway is a challenging road that runs 764 kilometers between Whitehorse and Dawson City.

The Dempster Highway is known as one of Canada’s most difficult drives.

The word “highway” is a rather elegant title for this gravel track that runs off the Klondike Highway.

The road connects Whitehorse and Dawson City, passing through 764 kilometers of lush pine forests and snow-covered highlands before ending in Inuvik.

The Beginnings

This roadway was introduced in the early 1950s to facilitate oil and gas drilling in the MacKenzie Delta.

A new section of roadway now joins the Dempster to the little village of Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean’s coast.

The Dempster Highway is one of Canada’s most scenic drives.

It is a thrilling journey across a pristine northern environment.

Why Is It Considered “Difficult”?

Dempster Highway is, however, a challenging drive through difficult terrain.

In fact, if you drive the whole length of the road, the Inuvik tourism office will issue you a certificate of completion.

The majority of the road is unpaved, and there is no cell phone service.

There is only one gas station halfway down the road.

Anyone who drives it must be prepared for misfortune.

A pleasant and safe trip up the Dempster Highway takes meticulous planning.

Prepare for the worst by keeping  rainproof coats, sufficient water, and an emergency pack in your vehicle.

In addition, make sure you have a decent spare tire and perform some core car maintenance.

You must drive in accordance with the road conditions.

The speed limit is 90 km/h, which is doable most of the time.

It is strongly advised to bring extra water and gas, because there is not much traffic along this lonely stretch of highway if your vehicle breaks down.

It takes at least two days to complete the route.

The time it takes is affected by traffic conditions and how much you rest along the route.

During the summer, it is the place for the “midnight sun” and you will see 56 days of 24-hour sunlight.

This is just one of many adventures that await you living in Canada.

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