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The Nigerian middle class are moving to Canada by the thousands.

Nigerian Middle Class Is Immigrating to Canada

We mostly dream of living an extravagant life or even one that would sufficiently give us the financial stability to support our family, even if it means immigrating to an economically flourishing country.

Pursuing this dream, especially for those who live in developing countries, poses a tough challenge in some instances.

For example, the financially sound and well-informed citizens who belong to the Nigerian middle class are now embarking on an economic immigration journey towards a highly-developed, immigrant-friendly country: Canada.

During recent years, Nigeria has been the fourth largest source country for immigration to Canada, after India, China and The Philippines respectively.

Several primary factors have forced thousands of successful professionals living in Nigeria to move out of their country for a greener pasture in this prosperous North American nation.

The high unemployment rate in Nigeria (around 33 percent), lack of adequate healthcare, unreliable access to electricity, and occasional terrorist threats are among the conditions that are driving thousands of middle class Nigerians to abandon their homeland and immigrate to Canada.

Many Nigerians are also moving to Canada so their children can receive a high-quality education and have good-paying Canadian job opportunities as adults.

The inauguration of Canada’s Express Entry program in 2015 has given aspiring skilled immigrant workers a great deal of hope to the point of granting applicants lifetime residency, provided that they are successful with the Canadian immigration process.

Not only that, but Canada is also more accommodating when it comes to qualified immigrants compared to the US and some European countries.

On this point, polls taken over the past several years consistently find that the overwhelming majority of people living in Canada are supportive or immigrants and Canadian immigration.

Hopeful immigrants must meet the eligibility requirements for one of the many Canadian immigration programs that are available.

For example, many skilled immigrants from Nigeria move to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which requires that an applicant have at least one year of relevant work experience in an eligible occupation during the previous 10 years and receive at least 67 points for their age, English or French language skills, education, work experience, adaptability and Canadian job offer.

Application for the Federal Skilled Worker Program is made through the online Express Entry system and if a skilled immigrant is approved, he or she may relocate to Canada with his or her family members as Canadian permanent residents.

Additionally, permanent residents only have to live in Canada for three years before they can apply to become Canadian citizens.

In conclusion, Canada has so much to offer immigrants from around the world – whether they are from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, The Philippines, China, India, the USA, the UK, France or any other country.

Canada is a friendly country that not only welcomes immigrants, but actively seeks newcomers and makes them feel at home.

During 2022, the Canadian immigration plan has a goal of granting permanent residency to a record 431,645 immigrants, mostly skilled foreign workers and their families.


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