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Most Employers in Canada Plan to Raise Worker Wages in 2022

Survey finds majority of people working in Canada should get a pay raise this year.

After two years of economic battles and challenging workloads related to the global pandemic, many Canadian workers face an excellent year.

According to a survey 829 employers conducted by the Toronto-based technology and human resources services company, LifeWorks, employees in most industries will receive an increase in their wages during 2022 of approximately 2.7 percent.

In 2020 when the global pandemic began, around 36 percent of employers in Canada froze their workers’ salaries, and the year after, 12 percent of companies failed to raise their workers’ wages.

The year 2022 will still sees salary freezes, but the percentage is expected to be lower, at only 3.3 percent of employers.

As per the projected salary increase, the sectors that would benefit the most include the wholesale trade at 3.1 percent; food services and accommodation, information technology, and construction, all at 3 percent.

However, the smallest percentage of salary increases anticipated would be in the cultural and information industries at 1.9 percent; along with the education services and healthcare and social assistance at 2 percent.

In December 2021, Robert Half, the global employment staffing company, released the results of a survey of 502 top managers from Canadian businesses with at least 20 employees and reported that 90 percent indicated they plan to increase worker wages during the first half of 2022, while close to 63 percent said they expect to give bonuses to employees at the end of the year.

Furthermore, the Robert Half 2022 Salary Guide reveals that employers will need to offer Canadian job seekers as well as their current workers substantial pay packages and more flexibility if they hope to recruit and retain employees.

Thus, people working in Canada and those seeking Canadian employment are at an advantage when it comes to asking for higher salaries and better benefits this year.

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