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The Canadian Dream Is Replacing the American Dream

A high standard of living is easier to attain in Canada.

For years, the American Dream was considered a chance for Americans to overcome the social class barriers and earn financial success by working hard.

A recent report shows, however, that the famous American Dream may be heading north to Canada where a high quality of life is more attainable.

Targeting a Population of 100 Million by 2100

Canada has put in place strategies to proactively attract newcomers to add to its population.

The Century Initiative is a movement that supports the idea of strategically targeting a Canadian population of 100 million by 2100.

The movement also recommends that the government further increase the annual Canadian immigration targets from 1% to 1.25% of the population. 

The Canadian immigration goal for 2022 is a record 431,600 new permanent residents, most of whom will be moving to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program and other programs for skilled immigrants.

Turning to Immigration

Canada has become a destination of choice for overseas immigrants pursuing a better life, happiness, a degree, or good-paying job.

According to former Canadian diplomat Scott Gilmore, 59% of Canadians have college degrees compared to 46% of Americans. 

More and more immigrants are looking for a safe place to realize their potential.

Instead of heading to the United States as was once the norm, they now take flight to Canada.

Canada is considered one of the happiest, healthiest, and safest countries in the world.

These are some examples of why many think the Canadian Dream has overtaken the American Dream.

Furthermore, Canada suffers from an aging workforce and a low birth rate.

Consequently, the country must turn to immigration to grow its population and support its economy.

In 2019 alone, more than 80% of the country’s population growth resulted from Canadian immigration.

According to Khanna, an author, founder, and managing partner of global strategy firm FutureMap, Canada’s large size and open landmass will comfortably accommodate 100 million people.

Khanna predicts that the country’s population will be spread northward.

He says that the Canadian Dream demonstrates that populism, protectionism, and xenophobia are not the world’s only driving political narratives.

Besides climate change, he believes that demographics is the next powerful driving force.

The American Dream Has Moved Up North

Canada is doing so well in nearly all aspects that it is directly poaching many people initially headed to America.

A 2020 Boston Consulting Group survey that involved 200,000 professionals in 190 countries found that Canada took America’s spot as the most desirable destination for expat workers. 

The American Dream has been surpassed by the Canadian Dream, as many young people seek the ability to be mobile and connect digitally.

They are more after mobility and flexibility to survive the unpredictability and complexity of the current world situation and whatever the future may hold in store.

Canada also ranks higher than America in terms of its economic freedom, press freedom, healthy private sector, and organized prison and justice system.

It lacks the racial and cultural wars and political polarization, which is common in the United States.

Many young people are also immigrating to Canada because it is highly affordable and offers a high quality of life.  

In sum, Canada offers people who are willing to work hard the opportunity to improve their lives and experience a high quality of life.

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