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Sound Advice from Successful Female Entrepreneurs in Canada

Successful female entrepreneur

While women comprise the minority of people owning a business in Canada, those who have managed to break into the system are doing great in their fields.

Data from Statistics Canada reveals that less than 16 percent of medium and small-sized businesses in Canada have women as their major owners.

These enterprises create jobs in Canada for above 1.5 million people and contribute $150 billion to the country’s economy.

If you’re a woman who is currently thinking about starting a business, here is some sound advice from successful female entrepreneurs in Canada who have proven that you can be successful no matter what your gender is.

Build Your Network

Cindy Roma is a partner and the co-chief executive officer of Telelink, a response center based in Newfoundland.

The company focuses on 24/7 tech support, help desk, emergency response communications, safety monitoring, and messaging.

She believes that it is crucial to build a network of connections because you never know if you may find some people from the pool who will inspire, keep you grounded, and, best of all, open doors of opportunities.

Roma believes that nobody has it all figured out.

You will only find out your capabilities when you dare try to meet and talk to other entrepreneurs, understand the process, and never allow yourself to be held back.

Start As Soon As Possible

Another woman who has made a mark in the industry is more popularly known as one of the dragons on Dragons’ Den by CBC, Michele Romanow.

She’s the president and co-founder of a fintech company, Clearco.

It offers capital finances for business startups in software, mobile apps, and e-commerce.

For Romanow, it is crucial to start on something whenever you want to.

You don’t have to wait for a sign or the perfect moment, because they don’t exist.

Moreover, Romanow stated that you have to work on your idea when it hits you and decide on your next steps depending on what you have learned as you go along the way.

Canada has been rated highly as one of the best countries to start a company and to conduct business.

Both citizens and permanent residents of Canada have great opportunities to become Canadian entrepreneurs and many do just that, producing new jobs in Canada in the process.


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