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Prime Minister Releases Statement on Canada’s 75th Citizenship Anniversary

Permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after only 3 years.

On January 1, 2022, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued a heartwarming statement as the country celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Citizenship Law.

Trudeau began his speech by describing that it was seventy-five years ago since the ratification of the Canadian Citizen Act, which began the legal acknowledgment of Canadian citizenship.

This means that Canadian citizenship became distinct from British nationality seventy-five years ago.

The Canadian Citizen Act

Trudeau said it was a historic moment that helped establish the qualities that defined who was and who can become a Canadian citizen. According to him, it was a crucial moment that set its national identity.

The Canadian Citizen Act, or “Loi sur la citoyenneté Canadienne” in French, became official on January 1, 1947.

It set the requirements and criteria for obtaining Canadian citizenship.

This also made Canada the first member of the British Commonwealth to have separate citizenship from the United Kingdom.

The act gradually evolved over the years, with numerous amendments being done to achieve “greater equity.”

The Prime Minister noted that the present law was improved so that Canadian citizens worldwide can be proud of their country’s freedoms and human rights, as well as the accompanying responsibilities

Increasing Number of Canadians

The Prime Minister noted that two million and more had been sworn in as Canadian citizens in the past decade.

He acknowledged that Canadian immigration had been a great help in strengthening and growing the economy.

Prime Minister Trudeau also stated that he understands how the pandemic caused delays for those wishing to build their futures living in Canada.

The Prime Minister explained that the government is looking for ways to reduce the application period to absorb and naturalize more refugees and support family reunification.

Figures show that in 2021, approximately 405,000 people were accepted into Canada as new permanent residents –  the highest in a single year.

Around 60% of these new immigrants were able to become a Canadian permanent resident through the Federal Skilled Worker Program and other immigration programs for expat workers and their families.

In as little as three years from now, these new Canadian permanent residents could have the opportunity to become citizens of Canada.

Approximately 22% of the people living in Canada are foreign-born, making this one of the most diverse countries in the world.

The Prime Minister emphasized that work is still ongoing to build a more inclusive, fairer, and more equitable environment for all Canadian residents and citizens.

While the pandemic has hindered or slowed down some efforts, the Prime Minister admitted that prejudice, racism, and discrimination remain barriers to the healthy social environment Canada is trying to achieve.

He then ended his statement with a call for Canadians to “reflect on the freedoms” Canadians are currently enjoying along with the values that makes Canada a more inclusive country.

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